Outside the box storytelling. 


To create compelling original content that speaks to a global audience. Through unique perspectives we aim to pave the way for new trends in arts, film, and entertainment.


The Raccoonteurs are siblings Stephanie, Michelle, and Jon-Emile Viguié alongside their father John E. Viguié. The Viguié family’s involvement in film dates all the way back to the dawn of the 20th century with the birthing of the motion picture industry. Their passion for the cinematic arts has been carried forward within their bloodline, and four generations later the family legacy continues unabated.

In 2017 the long lost “Romance Tropical” (1934), the first Spanish-language feature film with sound made in Puerto Rico and only the second in the world, unexpectedly resurfaced at the UCLA Film & Television Archive more than 80 years after it mysteriously disappeared following blockbuster premieres in New York and Puerto Rico. To their great amazement, The Raccoonteurs were able to confirm it was in fact their once thought as "forever lost" family heirloom - the Opera Prima produced, directed and photographed by Juan E. Viguié.

The compelling story behind the production of this historic cinematic gem coupled with the intriguing events that led to its sudden vanishing and miraculous reappearance eight decades later became the inspiration for this close-knit family to join forces and move from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles after the onslaught of Hurricane María in 2017, where they gave birth to the creative team known as The Raccoonteurs. 

And so began their journey of developing original content centered around a profound artistic vision; one that presents to the world unique stories envisioned through yet untold perspectives. The Raccoonteurs’ storytelling is highly influenced by their own personal experiences as a family, individuals, filmmakers, artists, but most of all - as human beings. 

Their first groundbreaking project is an epic dramatic television series about a family bloodline and legacy that transcends four generations, whose fascinating life-stories, turmoils and adventures take us deep into a surreal/magical world where anything is possible and nothing is what it seems; a realm aptly namedSomewhere in the Nowhere”.



Stephanie Viguié

President & CEO/Producer



John E. Viguié

Executive Producer/Director



Jon-Emile Viguié

Film Composer 

Music Producer 



Michelle Viguié

Associate Producer



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